It all started way back in 1956 when singer/songwriter Willie Nelson first started making a name for himself as a Country Music songwriter. Willie was a hugely successful songwriter but his solo career limped along until the ‘70s, when he finally became a superstar. Country Music has morphed and changed over the years, making it more difficult for Willie to score a hit in the charts today. However, Willie is still a superstar and will forever remain so. In between the hits – both on the charts and on the bong – Willie has built up a family, which includes seven children. As expected, his kids learned a thing or two from their pops and have ventured into the music business to make their mark…

While Lukas Nelson and his band Promise Of The Real may have the highest profile of any Nelson progeny, his brother Micah – who has worked with Lukas/POTR – is catching up with him. Recording under the name Particle Kid, Micah proves that talent certainly does run in the family. While he wisely avoids traveling the same musical paths as his father and brother, Micah certainly has inherited the ability to write songs from the heart. Falling somewhere between Alternative Rock and Americana, Micah explores songwriting from an emotional angle. The songs can often be slow burners, revealing their layers over repeated plays. And believe me, you’ll want to revisit his songs over and over.

Often minimalistic and atmospheric, Particle Kid’s WINDOW ROCK finds the artist following his instincts and creating a musical universe that incorporates a bit of Jeff Buckley here, a dibble-dabble of Radiohead there, a subtle pinch of Sonic Youth, and large dollops of the aforementioned Alt-Rock and Americana influences he’s absorbed over the years. Recorded with his Insects vs. Robots touring band – Tony Peluso and Jeff Smith WINDOW ROCK’s scope is large but Micah manages to hold it together with performances that are both intense and intimate. He may not sound like his dad nor does he play the same style of music, but Micah is certainly a chip off the old block. Perhaps it is time for you to spend some time with Particle Kid and experience music in a different way…