Bonnie Raitt has absolutely nothing to prove. More than 50 years since the release of her 1971 self-titled debut, she remains one of America’s greatest musical treasures. A critically acclaimed singer and guitarist, she has blended blues, rock, pop, and R&B into an original roots-based sound that is distinctly American and uniquely Bonnie Raitt. Throughout the course of her career, she has won 10 Grammy Awards and one Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, yet she had to wait nearly two decades before finally achieving commercial success in 1989. However, between her debut album and her breakthrough, she had released a series of critically adored albums, built up a large fanbase, and used her platform to campaign for causes she believed in. With the support of fans and fellow musicians, she stayed the course and maneuvered her way through the chilly waters of the music business. She had experienced many highs and lows, but as the 1980s were coming to a close, she was dropped by her record label and faced an uncertain future. And then came NICK OF TIME

Bonnie Raitt first collaborated with producer Don Was on a track for the STAY AWAKE compilation in 1988. She had already left Warner Bros. Records and nearly signed with Prince’s Paisley Park Records, but after a skiing accident and leaving alcohol behind, everything fell into place. After being turned down by over a dozen labels, she signed with Capitol Records and the rest is history. 1989’s NICK OF TIME went to #1 on the Billboard 200 and she scored with hit singles such as “Thing Called Love”. The album won three Grammy Awards and paved the way for further success with albums such as LUCK OF THE DRAW (1991), LONGING IN THEIR HEARTS (1994), FUNDAMENTAL (1998), SILVER LINING (2002), SOULS ALIKE (2005), SLIPSTREAM (2012), and DIG IN DEEP (2016). Selling over fourteen million physical units over her career, she has also been inducted in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (2000), The Blues Hall Of Fame (2010), and the Hollywood Bowl Hall Of Fame (2001). And now, six years after the release of her previous studio album, Bonnie Raitt is set to release her 21st studio album and the third on her own Redwing Records label.

2022’s JUST LIKE THAT… features all the great hallmarks of a Bonnie Raita album. From her passionate vocals and emotional guitar playing to the tight grooves, instantly lovable melodies, and warm production, the album is both an extension of her past work and an intimate glance at where Bonnie Raita is now. And as usual, she is an expert at blending genres, creating something feels fresh and exciting. More importantly, the album feels natural and alive. Raitt could do this music in her sleep if she wanted, but JUST LIKE THAT… is an album of connection: between the artist and the music and between the music and the listener. There is no flashy playing, no over-produced gloss to attract the pop-living teens, and absolutely no pretension. This is an album as honest as it is comforting. Bonnie Raitt is an artist that works on emotion and exceptional talent. On songs like “Made Up Mind,” “Something’s Got A Hold Of My Heart,” “Love So Strong,” and the title track, she is not pretending to be the sprightly 20-something singer/guitarist she was on her debut album – she is completely in tune with who she is today. And that makes JUST LIKE THAT… a wonder to behold.



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