While not all music-making siblings get along – for example: Ray and Dave Davies, Noel and Liam Gallagher, and Phil and Don Everly – they nearly always make wonderful music together. More specifically, their voices blend together and create a sound that is pure magic. No matter what genre they are performing, when siblings create music, it always comes layered with deep emotion. These are people who grew up together, bathed in the same influences and experiences. In many ways, the Folk, Country, and Americana genres are perfect playgrounds for that sibling magic. This is music that grew up on the dusty backroads of America, performed by musicians rooted in love, religion, and family. Even when siblings go their separate ways and travel on their own musical journeys, their bond still remains. And this is where the Whitmore Sisters come in…

While they have not previously released a full album together, the Whitmore Sisters are certainly no strangers to the music industry. Although she spent time in Steve Earle’s band, Eleanor Whitmore is best known as a member of The Mastersons with her husband Chris Masterson. Over the course of four albums – BIRDS FLY SOUTH (2011), GOOD LUCK CHARM (2014), TRANSIENT LULLABY (2017), and NO TIME FOR LOVE SONGS (2020) – the group has established itself as one of the finest Americana bands currently treading the boards. Eleanor’s younger sister, Bonnie, has been building an impressive catalog of solo albums including PICKING UP PIECES (2004), EMBERS TO ASHES (2011), FUCK WITH SAD GIRLS (2016) and LAST WILL & TESTAMENT (2020). While The Mastersons have appeared on some of Bonnie’s albums, the sisters have not recorded an album together… until now.

2022’s GHOST STORIES may be The Whitmore Sisters’ ‘debut’ album, but it feels as warm and comforting as an old friend. Eleanor and Bonnie’s voices sound wonderful when they work on their own, but together, they intertwine like the best of them. The sisters instinctively know when to step forward and when to fall back, making GHOST STORIES an event to absorb and rejoice in. With tracks like “Learn to Fly”, “Hurtin’ for a Letdown”, “Superficial World of Love”, “Friends We Leave Behind”, and the title track, the Whitmore Sisters sing from the heart… to the heart. These are real songs about very real feelings. Nine of the eleven tracks are new originals with two cover versions, one of which is the Paul McCartney-penned “On the Wings of a Nightingale”, which was written for the Everly Brothers. There’s a gentle, playful spirit that is woven into the music on GHOST STORIES even when the subject matter is a little more serious and heartfelt. And that’s the way it should be.



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