Formed in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1994, Hatebreed has been one of the most respected Hardcore and Metal bands for over a quarter of a decade. From their original Hardcore demo that was released on a split 7” single in 1995 to their most recent recordings, the band has evolved over the years, sticking to their Hardcore Punk roots but also embracing a menacing Metal sound. This blending of two aggressive styles has been referred to as Metalcore. Alongside other Metalcore band such as 36 Crazyfists, Senses Fail, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, From Autumn to Ashes, and Bullet for My Valentine, Hatebreed has been on the forefront of a musical scene that swept the nation and invaded every country, large and small. For many, Hatebreed has been the perfect gateway from Hardcore to Metal and vice versa.

Thirty six years after forming, three of the original members remain in the line-up since those early demos: vocalist Jamey Jasta, bassist Chris Beattie, and lead guitarist Wayne Lozinak (who took a 13 year break from the band from 1996 to 2009). While the rest of the line-up has changed over the years, their musical vision has remained the same – create music that evolves but still retains that classic Hatebreed sound. The band released their debut album, SATISFACTION IS THE DEATH OF DESIRE, in 1997 and followed that up with a series of albums that became stronger and more powerful: PERSEVERANCE (2002), THE RISE OF BRUTALITY (2003), SUPREMACY (2006), HATEBREED (2009), THE DIVINITY OF PURPOSE (2013) and THE CONCRETE CONFESSIONAL (2016). Always moving forward, Hatebreed has built a catalog that continues to inspire a generation of new Metalcore fans.

Their 2020 release, WEIGHT OF THE FALSE SELF, is Hatebreed’s eighth album and finds the band’s new music arriving at a very strange and unique time in our history. With a pandemic spreading across the globe and politics dividing the U.S., the album may not lyrically address the issues, but the music reflects the anger and confusion that the world is experiencing on a daily basis. The album was produced by Zeuss and follows up the enormously successful 2016 album THE CONCRETE CONFESSIONAL and a 25th Anniversary tour in 2019. With songs like “Let Them All Rot”, “Dig Your Way Out”, “Instinctive (Slaughterlust)”, and “The Herd Will Scatter” are amongst the highlights of this long-awaited release from one of the country’s most reliable Metalcore outfits. They never fail to satisfy and surprise in equal measure.





Nick Cave has been on one hell of a musical journey over the years. From his early 1970s beginnings in Australia to his more recent recordings, he went from being a post-punk outsider to a critically adored elder statesman of Alternative Rock. Although he’s worked with a few different bands over the years – The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, Grinderman, and, of course, The Bad Seeds – the music that he creates is purely Nick Cave. He’s managed to maneuver his way through a career filled with highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies. Even when he flavors the music with different instruments and atmospheres, Cave still manages to sound entirely unique. Some have called him ‘Goth’ in the past, but Nick Cave doesn’t pretend to occupy the darker side of the music industry. Instead, he walks alone on a dusty road, always wondering if the oasis ahead of him is real or just a trick of the light. Along the way, he does what he wants… and does it very well.

Nick Cave’s best-known work are his recordings with The Bad Seeds. Since 1984, the band has evolved alongside Cave’s songwriting skills. From harrowing heroin tales to sad songs filled with loneliness and confusion, his work is never without hope. They lyrics may take you down a dark alley, the music is often filled with hopeful beauty. And vice versa. Critics fall all over themselves when a new release is dangled in front of them. His fans are devoted and the wait with bated breath for new Nick Cave material. Never one to let his fans down, Cave continues to release albums of that are deep in emotion and wide in ambition. From darkness to light, Nick Cave’s musical journey continues to travel down a road that is filled with suspense and surprise.

2020’s IDIOT PRAYER – NICK CAVE ALONE AT ALEXANDRA PALACE is an album that was born in the shadow of COVID-19.  In June 2020, after a long period of isolation and confusion, the UK slowly lifted sanctions and people were able to slip out and experience little snapshots of real life again. While others marveled at the joy of being able to gather down the pub, Nick Cave plotted a musical re-emergence – a way to connect with his audience. While he still had to follow social distancing rules, Cave stepped on to the Alexandra Palace stage, sat down at a piano and performed a tender, emotional set of songs spanning his entire career. During this performance, there was no band behind him, no Charlie Hodge-like henchman wiping the sweat off his brow… and no audience. Well, at the venue, anyway. IDIOT PRAYER – NICK CAVE ALONE AT ALEXANDRA PALACE was originally an online-only event, a gift of music and emotion to his fans. The audio of the show is now available on CD and vinyl and is just as heartbreaking and beautiful as you’d expect – just Nick and a piano performing some of his finest material. While it is stripped back, haunting, and gentle, the listener will be inspired as they are met with wave after wave of emotion.





While Pop, Soul, and Dance music usually celebrates the lighter, happier side of life and love, Country, Folk, and Americana are genres that embrace the more realistic – and often heartbreaking – darker side of things. Yes, there are plenty of powerfully positive Country/Folk songs that are out there, those genres are also prone to tackling less popular subjects like drinking, divorce, abandonment, death, infidelity, and struggle. To be honest, it is hard to convey a ‘feeling’ of loss if the production is slick and glossy, which is why modern Top 40 Country songs stick to more lighthearted subjects. However, take a deeper dive into Country, Folk, and Americana and you’re going to find songs that your weary heart can relate to. Sometimes, we need a band that reflects what we are thinking and feeling…

Lambchop is more than just a band. Ever since their first official album – I HOPE YOU’RE SITTING DOWN (aka JACK’S TULIPS) – in 1994, this collective of musicians led by singer/songwriter Kurt Wagner has created a body of work that is inspiring. Often minimalistic in tone, the music that Lambchop creates is never without huge waves of emotion. Like a lonely dog sitting on a porch and waiting for his owner to come home, Lambchop albums leave the heart yearning for something more yet grateful for the life that they’ve stumbled into. Wagner and band create little masterworks that you can hear and ‘feel’. And isn’t that the point of creating art?

Lambchop’s 2020 release, TRIP, offers the listener a chance to experience life in real time while adding elements of melancholy and nostalgia. Quite a different release for the band, TRIP is a collection of cover versions chosen by the other members of Lambchop and then presented to Wagner. Instead of this release sounding like a musical diversion until the next proper album, TRIP sounds like a proper Lambchop album complete with tears of sadness and joy. Amongst the highlights is “Reservations” (originally by Wilco), a 13-minute immersion in emotion – joyous in its beauty yet heartbreaking in its execution. “Shirley” (originally recorded in the mid-‘70s by Cleveland’s Mirrors) is a jaunty, upbeat track with a slightly menacing vocal. “Love Is Here and Now You’re Gone” (originally by Diana Ross & The Supremes and Michael Jackson) gets a complete makeover – it is still upbeat but in a completely unusual way. TRIP is an album of many moods and rhythms. It is exactly what you’d expect from a Lambchop album but… completely different. It is a truly atmospheric and ultimately rewarding experience.



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Born in Memphis, Tennesse in 1934, Amos Wells Blackmore, Jr. was better known as Blues vocalist and harmonica player Junior Wells. Acknowledged as one of the amplified blues-harp pioneers, Wells is best known for a string of albums he recorded with fellow Blues legend Buddy Guy as well as his own solo releases. While Wells’ signature song, “Messin’ with the Kid”, was released in 1960, his most celebrated album is his 1965 full-length debut HOODOO MAN BLUES (featuring Guy). Wells’ musical career began when he relocated with his mother to Chicago. There, he honed his skills on the blues harp and as a vocalist. Influenced by Little Walter, he joined the Aces and developed his own amplified harmonica style. He was then recruited by Muddy Waters to replace Little Walter and recorded his first sessions with the Blues legend. Wells then began recording a series of independently released singles including “Messin’ with the Kid”.

Wells’ commercial profile was raised significantly with the release of the album HOODOO MAN BLUES. The first of many albums to be recorded with guitarist Buddy Guy, it solidified his position as one of the hottest Blues musicians in the U.S. Dozens of studio, live, and compilation albums followed including IT’S MY LIFE, BABY (1966), BUDDY & THE JUNIORS (1970), ON TAP (1974), GOT TO USE YOUR HEAD (1979), UNIVERSAL ROCK (1986), UNDISPUTED GODFATHER OF THE BLUES (1993), and COME ON IN THIS HOUSE (1996). Although he was facing health issues in the ‘90s, he continued to perform and record up until his death on January 15, 1997. In the 23 years since his passing, Junior Wells’ catalog has continued to grow with posthumous live albums and compilations. His influence and legacy continue to live on, and he left behind an inspiration body of work that will be studied for decades to come.

In 2020, Junior Wells’ music is given a new lease on life with the release of BLUES BROTHERS, a collection of recordings that combine original Junior Wells tracks with new instrumentation by many of today’s most exciting Blues artists. BLUES BROTHERS features guest performances from guitarists Eric Gales, Joe Louis Walker, Tyler Bryant, Colin James, Kirk Fletcher, Popa Chubby, Pat Travers, Guitar Shorty and others. This set also includes smokin’ harmonica from James Montgomery. Includes fresh versions of such Junior Wells classics as “Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl”, “Baby, Scratch My Back”, “You Don’t Care”, “Worried Life Blues”, “You Gotta Love Her with a Feeling”, “Hoodoo Man Blues”, “Messin’ with the Kid”, and many more. Without abandoning the thrill of Junior Wells’ recordings, these versions blow off the dust and give each song a shiny new spin. They don’t try to erase the memory of the originals. Instead, they add a new dimension and present Wells’ energy and excitement to a new generation of Blues fans. .



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AMPED Signs Entertainment One for North American Physical Distribution

AMPED Distribution will begin working with Entertainment One (“eOne”) for its diverse labels beginning November 1, 2020. AMPED will take over physical distribution for the majority of eOne music labels’ titles in the US, Mexico, and Canada. eOne’s label family includes landmark labels like Death Row Records, Dualtone Records, Artemis Records, and Steamhammer, as well as a roster of 150 artists on the company’s flagship music label. The new deal demonstrates the ongoing need for logistically strong, digitally savvy physical distribution partnership.

eOne is one of the most iconic and important multifaceted labels ever. From eOne to Dualtone to Death Row and SPV/Steamhammer, it’s simply impressive. Then add in some of the artists they have like Ace Frehley, The Lumineers, Brandy, High on Fire, Bryant Myers and that list is deep!” states Dean Tabaac, head of AMPED Distribution. “AMPED is thrilled and honored to be entrusted as Entertainment One’s new distributor and to become a part of their growing legacy for years to come.”

“eOne’s titles include some of the most iconic albums in contemporary music, as well as groundbreaking new releases,” says Sean Stevenson, eOne’s EVP and GM, Music. “We’re looking forward to having the support of a seasoned but innovative partner to get this music out to listeners across the continent.”

The partnership kicks off a crucial time for sales, the holiday season. Several major eOne releases are timed to drop on Black Friday (Nov. 27, 2020) for Record Store Day including Ace Frehley, Snoop Dogg, and Tha Dogg Pound. Additionally, other notable releases are set for that date, including classic, Memphis hip hop from Juicy J (The Hustle Continues); new thrash metal from Sodom (Genesis XIX); and a convergence of metal and hardcore from Within The Ruins (Black Heart).


AMPED is one of the fastest growing, top-tier independent distributors committed to developing and growing independent artists and labels worldwide. A part of Alliance Entertainment, AMPED gives the indie community access to a global distribution system with the largest sales force, a seasoned and skilled staff that provides a suite of services and data second to none. AMPED’s customer base is the largest in the industry directly servicing brick and click retailers large and small along with (DTC) direct consumers. AMPED’s growing roster of labels include labels such as AWAL/Kobalt Music Recordings including Glassnote, Alligator Records, Believe Digital, Big Loud, Bloodshot Records, Cleopatra, Compass Records, Empire, Hopeless Records, Inner Knot, Merge Records, Prospect Park, Ruf Records, Shanachie, SM Entertainment, Tuff Gong and more.

About eOne

Entertainment One Ltd. (eOne) is a talent-driven independent studio that specializes in the development, acquisition, production, financing, distribution and sales of entertainment content. As part of global play and entertainment company Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS), eOne’s expertise spans across film, television and music production and sales; family programming, merchandising and licensing; digital content; and live entertainment. Through its extensive reach and scale, and a deep commitment to high-quality entertainment, eOne unlocks the power and value of creativity.

eOne brings to market both original and existing content, sourcing IP from Hasbro’s portfolio of 1500+ brands, and through a diversified network of creative partners and eOne companies including: international feature film distribution company Sierra/Affinity; Amblin Partners with DreamWorks Studios, Participant Media, and Reliance Entertainment; Makeready with Brad Weston; unscripted television production companies Renegade 83, Daisybeck, Blackfin and Whizz Kid Entertainment; live entertainment leaders Round Room Live; world-class music companies Audio Network, Dualtone Music Group and Last Gang; and award-winning emerging content and technology studio Secret Location.