As many of you are aware, Alliance Entertainment is located just minutes away from the City of Parkland, FL and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of the horrific school shootings that occurred on February 14th, resulting in the loss of 17 innocent lives, most of them children. There are no words to describe the effect that this devastating and senseless act has had on our community, it is hard to fathom such a tragic loss of life and the long term emotional harm this has wrought on the survivors. For years, our corporate office was in Coral Springs, FL, literally a stone’s throw from Douglas.

Being as close to the community as we are, the employees and leadership at Alliance Entertainment feel it is our obligation to lend a hand to support the families and victims of this event. We are compelled as family, friends, and community business leaders to extend our hand to our neighbors and let them know they have the support of the community and world around them.

As part one of an overall effort and campaign toward this cause, we are running a two-week event for our Independent Retailers, from March 12th through March 23rd. A donation will be made for every unit shipped to independent retail. All proceeds will be donated directly to the Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund ( which supports the families who have lost loved ones or have been adversely affected by this tragedy. We have received an outpouring of support from the vendor community and hope you will stand with us on this initiative as well. Your support means the world to us.

We want to thank the following partners for their support with special thanks to The Orchard for assistance with the curation of the program.




 In a transaction signed on May 18, 2016, Alliance Entertainment Holding Corporation (“AEC”) and ANconnect, LLC (“ANC”) have entered into a purchase agreement whereby AEC will acquire the ANC retail music assets and business.

AEC, the largest wholesale distributor of physical home entertainment audio, video and software in the United States and best-in-class distribution solutions, provides a high level of service in various disciplines including; mass merchant retail and wholesale distribution, consumer direct services, vendor managed inventory systems and independent music store fulfillment.

The transaction brings an expanded assortment of products to ANC customers, which includes product lines of CD, vinyl music, and electronic products from AEC’s current 480,000 in stock SKU base.

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