First things first: Major Lazer is not a person. But to say that Major Lazer is a ‘band’ is a bit of a misnomer because, to be honest, Major Lazer is a phenomenon! The Dance Music trio features producer Diplo and DJs Jillionaire and Walshy Fire aided by a cast of talented collaborators.  Officially formed in 2008, Major Lazer continually reinvents itself with each release, adding in new influences, moving older inspirations to the fore, and shuffling them all together with ease. While a line-up of one producer and two DJs may lead some to assume that this is a Rap/Hip Hop trio, it must be said that Hip Hop is only one slice of this pie. In a sense, Major Lazer don’t cater to any audience – the members focus on what moves them. Thankfully, the music of Major Lazer has also moved millions of bodies all across the globe. If there’s any act out there who could make the universe groove, it may as well be Major Lazer!

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